Hello Friend! Thanks for making it to my small corner of the internet!

 I've made this space to celebrate the connection of creative force that we all share.

So far, my path has been wild.

Tattooing, I found my niche; earning my first tattoo awards and being invited to work all over the globe; getting to work with some amazing teachers and personal heroes of mine.

Through paint, it has connected me to a crowd of brilliant minds who share an understanding of our roles as channellers/back seat drivers, and I have become emboldened by this validation of my intuition, to keep exploring space.

Right now, the visual language I've discovered, is found in the skin or upon canvas and objet d'art. It's harmonic and organic forms are intended to remind us that we are part of a much bigger whole, to bring some colour and raw creative energy to complement any of your unique spaces.

All my love,



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