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Hello Friend! Thanks for visiting my small corner of the internet!

The intention of this website is to share my story and body of work, in order to help you get familiar and to inspire you to think of interesting and novel ways, that I might bring some bright colour into your life.

I've divided this website up into these main sections so that you can find what you're looking for!

- saved my life and I am in daily awe of it's deeply transformative power. Here you can dive into my Tattoo history, see my up to date portfolio or find out how to book in.

Static Art (WIP)
-  As well as tattooing, I am passionate about crafting unique functional and decorative art in a range of mediums. This section contains a pictoral record of my completed works, my CV and a form to request a .pdf catalogue of original art.

Psychedelic Space
- is the name I use for the worlds that are created when I let intuition take charge of my hand. This section tells the story of my coming into cosmic awareness and the Merry dance this gnosis has lead me (and my creative output) on.

- My Friends, Peers, Educators, Band Mates and the Vision Train! This list of incredible humans has had a powerful influence on my life and I'm grateful for every one of them.

- Know exactly what you want? Drop me a line and get straight to the point! Video calling's available on request!

I looking forward to see what we can cook up together!


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