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In the Vision Train, I find Sangha. This online Zoom Art Studio gives a home to a wonderful community of activated artists that share the creative mission; to embody and transmit our vision, using our gifts to nourish our communities. I'm immensely grateful to serve as conductor for this 24/7 non stop train ride, for 6 hours every Wednesday from 7am (GMT) Drop me a line if you would some help getting involved!

I’ve had the joy of meeting many weird and wonderful people whist on this mission and if you’d like to pick up the paper trail and examine my inspiration, please check out the links below.



Ernst Fuchs - Visionary forefather

Lawrence Caruana - Artist, Author and Director of the Academy of Visionary Art

Amanda Sage - Maestra, and Visionary artist

Jonathan Solter - Teacher, Live painter and Visionary artist


Winter Trimester Alumni aka 'The Soulstice Collective:

Andrew Stewart

Stefan Allen

Zach Brown

Verena Wild

Mary Yardley

Alicia Sacre Coeur

Lynne Rey

Myriam Schryvers

Phil Johanides

Dave Wilkins

Wrenna Monet

Sarah Farah


Helena Arturaleza

Emma Whelan

Anna Stanger

Keleta Marino

Martin Pirkl


There are many, many artists that I’ve had the good fortune to meet either at shows, guest spots away or visitors to Vere Street so I’m going to keep it to the guys that have come down to create at my shop so that the list doesn’t become overwhelming right now.

Simon Head
Ren Shorney
Dom Turner
Ant Bate
Carl Donovan

Radek Marzhalik

Rachel Cook

Simon Bell

Simon Mora

Paul Terry

Little Andy

Lawrence Canham

Harry James

Will Sparling
William Jones



I’ve had the immense pleasure of being part of the South Wales music scene for the last 10 years, writing for and playing in the metalcore band Evilive, folk outfit; Jack Ellis and have presently joined pop-punk metalheads, Exit to Main Menu.


Exit to Main Menu

Jack Ellis


Charl aka Tiny Lee aka Wegend aka Mum is the Bangin' drummer for local Rock Gods 12 Bore 

Yashin will always have a special place in my heart after taking me on the road for my first tour tattooing across Europe. Unfortunately the lads have ceased making music together but I didn’t want to miss them out here. I’ve also added two of the projects that came after. Thanks for the memories guys!



The lovelles

Call me amour


Local South Wales acts that are still going, that I’ve had the opportunity to tattoo members of:

Tides of Sulfur
Sacred Frequencies
Jake Ellis Scott
Holding absence


Phil Campbell and the bastard sons

They Live We Sleep

Breathe in the silence

Straight lines

Heaven asunder

Throwing knives

Every person on this list is a treasure and I'm greatful for their most excellent company. Three cheers to many more years or growing, creating, collaborating, dreaming and being.

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