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Wearable Art and Objets d'art

I've always thought that all these gnarly, knobbly shapes would look class if they were blown up onto fabric! The Harmonic aesthetic that I'm aiming to achieve with each new creation, lends itself to the curves and angles of the body so I've carefully selected my favourite pieces and tailored for some premium all over print tees.

 This array of treats is currently in the early stages so I've partnered up with Society6 in order to ensure that ordering these new manifestations of Psychedelic Space, goes as smoothly as possible for you.

They let me put my work onto a wide variety of sick gear so I've had an experiment with a few different things that I intend to order for myself and if they meet my high standards, I'll look into expanding this selection! Also, if there's something in particular on the website that you want to imbue with my brand of raw creative power: a hoodie, phone case, or even a shower curtain, drop me a line and I'll see if I can put it together for you!

Here's the link:

green hear tee mock up - oversize.jpg
fruit salad tee mock up - oversize.jpg

For a limited time, while I'm building this relationship with this company, Contact me to tell me about your experience and the quality of the goods and I will give you a FREE £25 Voucher to spend on a tattoo session with me at Vere Street Tattoos or to spend on your own Psychedelic Space Painting commision.

I have heard good things about these guys but I want to see what you  think so that I can make sure that I'm on the right track. The voucher is my way of saying thank you for taking a little ride with me in these early days.

All The Best



Blue picture.jpg
Pillow Mock.jpg
Mint Tee.jpg
Blue Tee image.jpg

I'm currently working on collaborations with many of my friends Screen printing blackwork tattoo art straight onto the all-over-print tees.

If you would like to try for a chance to be involved in the first series of collaborations in August 2019, 

drop me a line!


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